John Mauldin, the often contrarian (and often right!) analyst known to millions of readers for his free weekly “Thoughts from the Frontline” e-letters has written a book titled Endgame: The End of The Debt Supercycle and How it Changes Everything which is available now on sale / pre-order from Amazon.

Here is what Rob, a reader of the book’s Kindle edition had to say:

We have a developed world that’s addicted to debt-financed consumption. That pattern works … until it doesn’t. When it doesn’t we get Greece, Iceland, Ireland and all-too-soon others, some far larger…

It’s the height of lunacy to expect the economy to keep merrily growing, with a debt overhang and demographic headwinds

The book also received favourable reviews from several well known figures, including Mohamed el-Erian of PIMCO and contrarian investor Jim Rogers. As a longtime reader of John’s “Thoughts from the Frontline” I have a pretty good idea what to expect, so I have ordered it and I plan to post a review here in the near future.